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Following a series of public meetings and meetings of interested boat owners and pier users in 1974, the Sandsayre Pier Trust was formed to acquire the pier and its approaches and to maintain and manage the pier in future. The Constitution and Rules were adopted at a meeting held in Sandwick Club Room on 9th April 1975. The first Trustees were Messrs G Wilson, JWT Jamieson, D Farquhar, E D Smith and P M S Malcolmson together with Ex officio members R H W Bruce and Cllr T W Stove.

It was understood from oral tradition that the pier had been built by the fishermen of Sandwick and that no pier dues could be charged. No title to the pier appeared to exist and the date when it was built was also unknown. Some people were of the opinion that it could have been built as early as 1830.

The opinion of local solicitors was sought and the Trustees were advised that, as the Sumburgh Co did not appear to have title to the pier, the Sandsayre Pier Trust were considered to be the rightful owners of the pier.

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